Fox guest claims Iran, not Saudi Arabia, is “the number one actor ... responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen”

Fox host Harris Faulkner notes Saudi Arabia “has had a hand in this, too,” but lets Heritage Foundation's Nile Gardiner falsely pin blame on Iran 

From the December 6 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime:

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NILE GARDINER (DIRECTOR, HERITAGE FOUNDATION): I don't think that the United States will be seeking to, you know, remove the crown prince from his position of power. That is a matter, of course, for the Saudi Arabian government and their people to decide ultimately. But certainly, I think that what you are seeing, certainly, is the growing international isolation of the crown prince, you're seeing that on many, many fronts. But it is vital, at the same time, the United States I think continues to work with Saudi Arabia especially in the ongoing war in Yemen. This war in Yemen is being fueled by Iran and Iranian proxy organizations, movements, especially above all the Houthi movement inside Yemen itself. 

HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): But Saudi Arabia has had a hand in this, too. I mean, when you talk about millions of people starving, that's on everybody's hands. 

GARDINER:  I think that, you know,  the situation is in Yemen is incredible complex. But, without a doubt, I think the number one actor in all of this responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the Iranian regime, which has been funding a brutal war on the country, funding a terrorist organization, overthrowing the legitimate elected government of Yemen. And so I do think Iran has to be held to account. Certainly there will be pressure on Saudi Arabia as well. But let's not forget that it's the Iranians who are behind so much of the brutality and the humanitarian situation in Yemen at this time, and it's Tehran that has to be held fully to account on this. 


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