Fox's Pete Hegseth: Outgoing VA secretary was “an Obama holdover” who “decided he was there to save America from Trump”

Hegseth was reportedly considered for the job

From the March 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Changes with the Trump administration again, not surprising, Secretary David Shulkin is now out running the VA, and Pete Hegseth is not in, that's the bigger story.


PETE HEGSETH (FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND CO-HOST): I think Ronny Jackson is the type of -- has the type of stature and the ability to do it. 

KILMEADE: Marine. 

HEGSETH: It was in combat, did medical service over there. The question will be -- because here's what happened with David Shulkin: Just like [Former Deputy FBI Director] Andy McCabe and [Former FBI Director] James Comey, eventually, as an Obama holdover, he decided he was there to save America from Trump. He was there to -- because the boogeyman of privatization was going to shut down the VA. That was never the case. This president is committed to choice and private options, and it took courageous political appointees inside the VA to call out Shulkin, and ultimately he got very defensive, and now he's on his way out. 


KILMEADE: There's a lot of pressure on this doctor's shoulders. But, Pete, I hope you'll be a resource for him, because David Shulkin said it's a toxic atmosphere in Washington. I don't know if he caused it or it just --

HEGSETH: That was in his op-ed in The New York Times today defending his tenure there. He helped cause a lot of that toxicity at the VA, unfortunately, with Trump appointees. 


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