Fox's Brian Kilmeade Helps Ben Carson Rehabilitate Statement That A Muslim Should Not Be President

Kilmeade: Carson Facing Backlash After Saying “He Could Not Support A Muslim For President Who Didn't Renounce Sharia Law”

From the September 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Dr. Ben Carson still facing waves of backlash after he said he could not support a Muslim for president who didn't renounce Sharia law, to just summarize. And the Republican presidential candidate is standing firm, saying the real problem is our country's political correctness. 


KILMEADE: A Meet The Press interview has turned into a three-day story, maybe even a bigger story. Are you surprised? 

BEN CARSON: I wish I could say that I was surprised, but, you know, I've come to be familiarized with the PC culture, and I'm willing to fight it. You know, somebody has to stand up for who we are. America is a very unique place. And you'll notice that there's an American way. But there's no French way, there's no Canadian way, no Portuguese way, and we need to be proud of who we are. We ascended to the pinnacle and the highest pinnacle anyone has ever reached in record time because of the values and principles that we have. We don't need to be anybody else. We are who we are.


KILMEADE: So, your reaction it to those on the right?

CARSON: My reaction to anyone is that I never said that a person could not run for office. I just said I wouldn't support them. Do I not have a right to support what I want to support? I want to support what made this nation great and what made us unique. I want to support the things that gave me an opportunity to come from nowhere, to rise to a very high position in our society. I want that for the people who are coming after us. You know, I have been a pediatric neurosurgeon, I care about what happens in terms of the quality of life for the next generation. I will continue to fight for that. And if it costs me politically, it does. 


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