Fox & Friends host invokes discredited fabulist Peter Schweizer in Biden discussion, says he might not want people “looking through his background”

Schweizer's Clinton Cash pushed various lies and conspiracy theories into mainstream media 

From the March 21 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): This is just the beginning of what Joe Biden is going to be looking at. Number one, he was making a lot of sense there; to me it would make a lot of sense if he said that now. My hunch is he's going to say, well, that was before we saw what happened to Merrick Garland. 

But he also -- he's getting an idea of what he's going to be up against. His own words in some cases, and a lot of it's the action of his son. I watched Peter Schweizer last night, talking about Hunter Biden and what he did in China. Other people look at what his son may have invested in Eastern Europe. And they're going to start looking through his background like they are looking through President Trump's background, and I don't know if he really wants that at his age after what his family's been through.


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