Fox & Friends gushes over Kavanaugh's Fox News interview: “His whole life is on the line”

Steve Doocy: Kavanaugh and his wife were “very earnest, it was emotional, he made it very clear he's not going anywhere.”

From the September 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): If you saw it last night, you know they were -- they seem very earnest, it was emotional, he made it very clear he's not going anywhere, and they were both very firm in his denial. 


ANNA KOOIMAN (GUEST CO-HOST): He also said that he doesn't doubt that maybe Dr. [Christine Blasey] Ford did go through something from someone at some point in time, but that it wasn't him. And that he certainly never in his life sexually assaulted anyone, and he says he never even had sex with anyone until years after high school. That was one of the big takeaways I think people were talking about, too. He was willing to open up and talk about something so personal like that. He said he was never involved with a woman that way at all. 

DOOCY: That's right, and his wife Ashley was at his side, and she revealed at one point in Martha's great interview -- revealed that this whole confirmation process, a lot harder than they thought going in. 


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So, you got to straddle that line if you're Judge Kavanaugh. You might be outraged, but you can't show it. You can't diminish a woman who you've said you haven't met that she says she went through something horrific as a tenth grader. Now she is in her 50's. But, at the same time, you've got to let everybody know, “I wasn't there. Never met her. Don't know what she's referring to. Here's my schedule of what I was doing in 1982, and that was trying to get into an Ivy League school, playing two sports. And here is what I was actually doing. I don't even remember going to that party.” So, it's a very tough line. Because, you think it was tough getting ready to defend all your cases and decisions and releasing the skepticism many Democrats have in your candidacy. This is tougher, because this is about personal, and you could tell that he did not want to make a mistake last night, and some have said -- and [Fox News correspondent] Ed Henry said he talked to a couple of Republicans that said, hey, it was a little stiff, a little robotic. Not really when you consider what's at stake, I thought. 

DOOCY: Right. His whole life is on the line, and that is why one of the reasons they were emotional at times. 


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