Fox & Friends' God complex

If there's one thing Fox & Friends loves, it's religion. Christianity, to be specific. The Fox News morning show hosts relish and celebrate those who are outspoken in their Christian beliefs and will not hesitate to defend anyone who mentions God in the public square. Except, of course, if that person is President Obama.

Implausible as it may seem, the crew of Fox & Friends this morning -- the same people who fawningly report on pro-God billboards and rally to the cause of book-banning activist Christians -- criticized the president for asking Americans to pray for the nation and for the people of the Gulf during his speech last night. Gretchen Carlson claimed “some people” said Obama's words were “disingenuous” because they came “from a president who does not go to church on a regular basis.” Who exactly was saying that? We never find out, but “some people” can't be wrong, right?

Just how ridiculous was this situation? Thrice-married adulterer Newt Gingrich was forced into the position of lecturing his Fox & Friends hosts on how to be a good Christian, telling them that they had to be “generous” to anyone “prepared to publicly recognize God.”