Fox & Friends fearmongers about migrants: “They go into the interior and they disappear. They melt into the fabric of American life.”

Acting ICE director Matt Albence: Migrants are “coming to every community in this country”

From the April 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): We have a new ICE director, he is acting, Matt Albence, and he had just joined us earlier. And he says we're at a crisis period now but it's not just on the border. Listen. 


MATT ALBENCE (ACTING ICE DIRECTOR): Until Congress changes the laws and fixes these loopholes, and prevents us from being able to detain these individuals and detain these families together, allow them to have their due process in an accelerated fashion, and remove them at the end of that process if so ordered by a judge or release them if so ordered by a judge, we're going to continue to have this problem. Congress has yet to fund us at a level we need for detention. They have yet to fund us at a level we need for transportation, but what'd I'd say to you is this is not limited to the border. So if people think this is just a border security issue, it's not, because these individuals are not staying at the border. They may be there for a day or two while they're waiting for transit, but they're coming to every community in this country.


STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Absolutely, then they go into the interior and they disappear. They melt into the fabric of American life. But he's absolutely right, and we've talked about it for a very long time. Something has to happen in Congress --

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): The laws have to change.

DOOCY: -- with the laws. Because they all talk about how now the migrants know, they're taught by either the smugglers or they learn on social media in their countries what our laws are, so that they -- all they gotta do is tap their foot on the American soil, and if they've got somebody, a child with them, it's a family unit, and they get a special pass.

EARHARDT: That's 'cause the kids, after 20 days, they have to be released because of the Flores settlement, they have to be released from those detention centers and the mom and dads go with the kids and they're just released into the community.

KILMEADE: Yeah not in Mexico, because in Mexicans (sic) we have this rule that we repatriate right away which means they're not coming. And only 1% of those crossing are from Mexico. They could finish this off. They could start negotiating Tuesday. They can both take credit for solving a crisis. Meanwhile, they used to mock us especially and say, oh we're making up some story about caravans and making up a crisis at the border. Now everyone agrees, including 60 Minutes, there's a crisis at the border.


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