Fox & Friends Doubles Down On Defense Of Ben Carson: “Media Is Going To Try To Take Him Down ... Even Though There Is A Logical Explanation”

From the October 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY: It got started a couple of days ago here on this program. Ben Carson, reacting to what happened in Oregon at the community college last week -- essentially said that if he was in that room he would have charged the gunman. When you think about it, if you're in that situation you have three options: One, you can stand there. Two, you could fire back if you were armed. Or three you could do something. He was advocating do something. 

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: But mind you, he wasn't even, he wasn't retrospectively going back. Brian, you asked him, you said, now, if tomorrow, if in the future this happened to you --what would you do? Not what would you do in that situation. It was a brand new situation [be]cause this is our new normal that we're experiencing right now. So Dr. Ben Carson said that he would do exactly what you said, Steve. And the morning shows went off on him. They went on attack on the doctor.


BRIAN KILMEADE: Here's the thing, it is the most -- I don't remember a time where everyone has -- we lived it. Everyone has gotten it wrong. He's being blamed and has to explain something he never said. In generic fashion, if I walk up to anyone on the street and I said, “Hey if you were in a crowded room and one person had a gun, what would you do?” “I might charge, I might run, I might, I have a gun on me.” Everyone has a hypothetical. That was a question about if you were in that room what would you have done. Just like, unfortunately, we might have to deal with it sometime, whether you're in a train going through Europe, or if you're in that classroom, or if you're in the other dozens of school shootings that we've had, been in the middle of. He just gave his opinion. You know what he also did? Last week when there were floods coming he said if you were President of the United States what would you order everybody to do? Was he, if he answered that question, was he going to be under fire?


KILMEADE: So yesterday -- in fact, yesterday I asked him, I had a chance to see him, he was over at Sirius. And I said, how are you handling all this backlash? He said, I don't really care about it. I have Facebook and my social media. I'm able to explain myself to the people that want to be spoken to. 

DOOCY: Well, the thing is he is one of the leading Republicans, so you know how it works. Mainstream media is going to try to take him down and take something that he said even though there is a logical explanation.


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