Fox & Friends complains that “the thing that was lacking” in Democratic debates over immigration “was the word illegal”

Fox's Brian Kilmeade: “No one is anti-immigrant in this country”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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LISA BOOTHE (GUEST CO-HOST): On the debate around immigration the thing that was lacking was the word illegal. Because when we are talking about these border crossings we are not talking about immigrants who came to the country lawfully. We are talking about illegal immigrants that are taking advantage of the system. And what I found interesting is, you have Julián Castro who is just straight up advocating for no borders. He's advocating for decriminalizing illegal immigration, which to me what's the point of being a sovereign nation if we don't have borders. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Writing big checks to Central America countries. Not worrying about borders. You pointed out, illegal immigration, a lot different than immigration. No one is anti-immigrant in this country. We all trace our ancestors back to that at some point, whether it's 1910 or 1810 or 1710. We know most of us have relatives born outside the country. So no one is anti-immigrant here. We get it. It's the way they are doing it. It's diminishing those who are actually waiting on line. It's diminishing people that are actually doing it the right way. Diminishing those who are on green cards hoping for the right to become citizens. 


KILMEADE: So -- and basically, when you are a sitting congressmen or women and you've done nothing for except for call the problem at our border a hoax or a made-up crisis in an effort to get votes or Donald Trump trying to vilify illegals or Hispanics and next thing you know we have a legitimate crisis you can't deny. I think they're forgetting the fact that their full-time job is to solve this. 

BOOTHE: Well and Brian, as you mentioned, it's actually fundamentally unfair to immigrants who came here the right way, who waited in line, who did it fair and square. It's actually fundamentally unfair to those people. 


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