Brian Kilmeade claims judges blocking the Muslim ban are saying “it's un-American to judge people”

Kilmeade: “And guess who’s leaving us naked? These judges, who says, it's un-American to judge people and to do extreme vetting in certain areas and not other areas”

From the November 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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GARY BERNSTEIN: Well, I think that as you've stated clearly, the diversity program on the visas has got to be shut down. Uzbekistan in particular has a history of jihaddism. There's an organization there was founded years ago called the IMU, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. There's a place in Uzbekistan called the Fergana Valley where Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and I think Kazakhstan all meet together. Excuse me, Tajikistan, all meet together, but that is a group of Deobandis terrorists. They were married to the Taliban. We fought them before. A lot of these people have been inside Afghanistan. And the fact that we would have a diversity program open to allow people to come in, is just, it's insane. The president's inclination at the time of the election to reduce the amount of immigration is correct. His instincts were correct. We need to increase vetting --

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well Gary -- if there's a problem though with Uzbekistan, why was that not on the list of countries that we have an extra look at? 

BERNSTEN: I think, well, you know, it takes a lot of specific expertise in some of these areas. Look, that organization was formed about 40 years ago. The Deobandis are a virulent form of Islam, just like the Wahhabis. They're the group closest to the Wahhabis. The Uzbek government's helped us over the years and the Uzbeks will help us right now. You know, they are a pro-Soviet, you know, institution. The government -- not pro-Soviet, pro-Russian, excuse me. But the fact is we have pretty good relationships with the Uzbeks. And the Uzbeks will do what we need to dig out his history there and to share that with us because it's not just the last seven years. It's, who are his family members? Does his family have a history of this? You know, what did he do here? You know, there's a lot of people that have been on there, but you just have to understand that Uzbekistan isn't the Bahamas. OK? You know, and we have got to make sure that we are doing the vetting and that's what's failed. We've failed to vet people. Just like the U.K. has failed to vet people. The U.K. Is talking about resettling tens of thousands of these people which is insane. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): And guess who is leaving us naked? These judges who says, it's un-American to judge people and to do extreme vetting in certain areas and not other areas. 


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