Fox contributor: Trump's State of the Union was “one of the best speeches I've ever heard in terms of reaching across the aisle”

From the February 6 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): Look I'm not surprised by this, and frankly appalled. Our nation is doing very well, all of our citizens are doing well in this booming economy. I would have thought that Democrats should have supported it. 

CHARLES HURT (THE WASHINGTON TIMES): Yeah, absolutely Stuart, and it really does go to the heart of -- you know, it explains exactly how broken Washington is, and how partisan everything has become here. The idea that you would actually -- you actually had people sitting on their hands last night when president talked about the successes of ICE stopping child trafficking, child slavery at the border, and you have people sitting on their hands, it's just absolutely astonishing. But I have to say overall I thought that the president's speech was one of the best State of the Union addresses I've ever covered, it's one of the best speeches I've ever heard in terms of reaching across the aisle and forcing the other side to -- to find something, some unity there.

And obviously, you know, there were some people, like when he talked about America will never be a socialist country, you know, Bernie Sanders was sitting there all flumped down like somebody had stolen his tricycle, he looked very upset about that. But amazingly, Chuck Schumer -- you saw Chuck Schumer, you saw Nancy Pelosi -- Nancy Pelosi was more dutiful the way she was clapping, but Chuck Schumer was like, yeah we're not going to become socialist. And then of course, there was the other moment where, what I thought was perhaps the finest moment in terms of bipartisanship was when he started talking about women in the workforce and how women had taken 58 percent of the new jobs created by this economy. And the women who were clearly there to sort of stand in protest to the president, they couldn't help it but get into it, and -- and give due applause. I was impressed by that. And it all had to do with the way the president presented those issues.


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