Fox Business host suggests China and North Korea are more “honorable” negotiators then Pelosi and Schumer 

Stuart Varney: “North Korea's vicious dictator? He's negotiating,” but Pelosi and Schumer “won't negotiate. Where is the honor in that?”

From the January 11 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Company:

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STUART VARNEY (HOST): It came as quite a shock to hear the president say the Chinese are more honorable negotiators than Sen. [Chuck] Schumer and Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi -- provocative in the extreme. Another sharp-edged opinion from our sharp-edged president, but does he have a point? All right, consider this: the president was speaking as a negotiator. He had offered to negotiate with the Democrats over the government shutdown and the border wall, but Schumer and Pelosi had refused to negotiate. Ms. Pelosi bluntly said she wouldn't give a dollar for the wall. That is intransigence. In contrast the Chinese are actively negotiating a trade deal. Their top financial guy is coming here for high level talks next week. Whether they act honorably or not remains to be seen, but they are negotiating. Schumer and Pelosi are not.

How about Kim Jong-un? North Korea's vicious dictator? He's negotiating. There have been no nuke tests or missile launches since the summit in Singapore. And there may be another summit soon. This is what our Art of the Deal president does, he negotiates deals. But of course it takes two sides to negotiate. Let's be clear, Democrats loathe this president. They are contemptuous. They can barely manage to sit down with him. No negotiating. Is that honorable, when the government is shut down and the stream of illegals keeps coming? By the way, the president is still open to a deal that would avert a declaration of emergency. He hasn't pulled the trigger on that yet. Pelosi and Schumer could still cut a deal that would bring security to the border and give all those dreamers a real break, but for the sake of $5 billion they won't budge. They won't negotiate. Where is the honor in that?


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