On Reliable Sources, David Brock Says Media “Botched” FBI Letter Coverage Just Like Previous Email Stories

Brock Criticizes Disproportionate Media Scrutiny Of Clinton Compared To Trump

From the October 30 edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources:

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DAVID BROCK: Look, you covered earlier in your show how a lot of the press on Friday botched this story of the emails. But let's remember that where the story started a year and a half ago with The New York Times, you had a series of three stories in The New York Times making what ended up being false accusations of misconduct by Hillary in reference to the emails. Nothing that the investigation subsequently ever verified. And you had an extraordinary episode last August where the then-public editor of The New York Times extracted a promise from the executive editor of the Times to be fairer to Hillary going forward. So this isn't the first botched email story.

Second issue is fact checking. I think the fact that, present company excepted, that a lot of the press has avoided doing the fact checking on Donald Trump intrinsically just leads to imbalance in the playing field, because Hillary has been rated by the most credible fact checking sites as the most honest candidate in this whole field. So she's disadvantaged by the fact that Trump gets off the hook for blatantly lying.

And three, on a double standard, let's take both foundations. Let's take the Clinton Foundation that has saved millions of lives, that has been fly-specked for more than two years by the press corps, finding nothing wrong. And then you've got the Trump Foundation which is basically a sham operation where he takes money from other people and has used it to make illegal political donations. Now, the truth is the Times has had 16 front page stories on the Clinton Foundation. What do they do with the Trump Foundation and the accusation he had pay to play in Florida with the attorney general? Paragraph 23 is the first time it's mentioned in the Times. The AP ran a very misleading story on the Clinton Foundation a few weeks back. That got three times the broadcast news coverage than the Trump Foundation misdeeds did.


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