NBC News contributor Hugh Hewitt: Trump “remains the very best interview in America”

From the April 7 edition of NBC’s Meet the Press:

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CHUCK TODD (HOST): The path to the presidency goes through rustbelt and the midwest. It has, it will this time. He is of the rustbelt.  

HUGH HEWITT: The best profile I’ve read about him says he has deindustrialization of the midwest in his bones. And I think that’s true. This is another hurdle crossed for mayor Pete. I’ve been following him very closely. He worries me, from the republican standpoint. I would like to have 20 democrats on the stage with five percent each. Right now it’s going to be, Bernie Sanders is the front runner by money, and you’ve got the vice president. And then you’ve got this rocket ship coming up. And the ability to give a good interview and to hold the attention of the American people -- I’ve always said Donald Trump is the very best interview in America because he holds the attention of the audience. And he remains the very best interview in America. But I think mayor Pete might give him a run.      


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