On MSNBC, NY Times' Leibovich Points Out Trump's Role In Propelling Conspiracy Theories About Scalia's Death

From the February 17 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): Mark Leibovich, thank you for being with us. This comes in many forms, with Barack Obama and this year, let's say, Marco Rubio, you've got candidates who have a more carefully crafted image publicly. Barack Obama, I remember a lot of press people being upset that he wasn't as available for interviews when he first ran in 2008. But with Donald Trump you have a guy who's hiding in plain sight. There's hardly a TV show or a radio interviewer that he won't go before.

MARK LEIBOVICH: It's true. And it does sort of build up, I mean, again, a certain immunity and a kind of just a level of antibody where you can just keep saying things. And I think this has been an extraordinary week for Donald Trump. I mean, if you started, you know, Saturday or Sunday, over the weekend, with the debate, when everyone said, you know look, finally he's touched the third rail. He's gone to 9/11. He's gone to Iraq.

SCARBOROUGH: I mean, that's what we said, Mark.

LEIBOVICH: Right, it's unbelievable, I mean. And then you have a president coming down, campaigning against him, or the former president. Now you have the current president basically calling him out yesterday. And yet the guy keeps surviving. And missed in all of this, is we're talking about Supreme Court vacancy, and yesterday Trump essentially sort of propelled the notion that, you know, maybe Antonin Scalia was, you know, maybe he didn't die by natural causes entirely and no one's even talking about that now. So that's sort of where he has gone and where the conversation has gone at this point.


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