Huff Post's Sam Stein: Trump Supporters “Stomach” Racist Comments “So Long As He Acts Well”

Stein: “That's Just So Cynical And Awful To Say It's Ok To Harbor These Racist Views About A Judge So Long As You Don't Say Them Publicly”

From the June 9 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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SAM STEIN: What struck me about the defense of Donald Trump wasn't -- well, I guess it's is this. It's that people are going out there and saying if he just, you know, stuck to script, if just read off the teleprompter, if he just is more seasoned as a politician, this would be fine, as if, and implicit in that, his actual world views are OK, we can stomach this so long as he acts well. And I just think that that's just so cynical and awful to say it's ok to harbor these racist views about a judge so long as you don't say them publicly. And I think that's just crazy.


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