Fox Invites Trump Spokesperson To Deny Video Evidence Of Corey Lewandowsky's Alleged Battery Of Reporter

Eric Bolling: “Is It Possible That This Incident Is Being Somewhat Politicized?”

From the March 29 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (GUEST HOST): So let me ask you Alex, is it possible that this incident is being somewhat politicized?

ALEX STEWART: Absolutely not. Like I said, the picture paints a thousand words. What we are seeing with our own two eyes -- and for Donald Trump and the campaign to say that this didn't happen, I heard another Trump spokesperson earlier today say this is the new normal. Well, I certainly hope not. I think the people of this country deserve much better. Reporters deserve much better, and the political process deserves much better. Look, it is absolutely plain and simple what happened here.

BOLLING: What did, Alex? I'm not -- look, I'm watching the video as well --


KATRINA PIERSON: This reporter was not thrown to the ground.


BOLLING: Now, Katrina, the Donald Trump campaign, Donald Trump himself has tweeted this, as we showed earlier in the segment, his support for Cory Lewandowski.

PIERSON: Sure. Well, I mean in these two candidates, Kasich and Cruz both are also two candidates that took the side of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and Black Lives Matter at a Trump rally, so what they're talking about is more politicization. So Alice's point, I will say this, allegations also have consequences. This is a man that has four small children being accused of battering a woman. I am very confident that Mr. Lewandowski is going to beat these charges, and the only thing this is going to do is change the way the press is handled at these events.


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