David Gregory: Trump's Firing Of Comey “Is An Attack On Our Democratic System”

Gregory: “It Is About A President Who Is So Insecure ... That He's Not Looking After The Presidency Or The Checks And Balances In Our Country”

From the May 15 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): David Gregory, what was the biggest surprise of the weekend for you to start us off the week?

DAVID GREGORY: Well, I think as we look forward, we have a president who still doesn't get it, who is playing this kind of petty politics game around, wait, I thought everybody didn't like Comey. This would be celebrated. And not realizing the act of how he fired Comey with the pre-text reason with contradictory answers. Is this abuse of power that [formerdirector of national intelligence] James Clapper is talking about? And I think that is so significant. And whatever your feelings about the future of the investigation and about whether an FBI director will be the right thing for the country, the fact you had a president firing the guy investigating him and, now we know through reporting, secretly recording him, demanding a loyalty oath, I mean this is an attack on our democratic system. And it has nothing to do with whether there's anything to do with these charges about collusion. It is about a president who is so insecure and is so feeling that his legitimacy is always questioned that he's not looking after the presidency or the checks and balances in our country.


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