Dan Rather: Trump’s “Second Amendment People” Comment Stereotypes Responsible Gun Owners As “A Gun-Crazy Nut Job Just Looking For A Target”

From the August 10 edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell:

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DAN RATHER: And among the side effects of what Donald Trump did by wink, wink, wink, well, Second Amendment people may have to take care of Hillary Clinton -- paraphrase of it -- a side effect of it is that I grew up in Texas, I grew up in a gun culture, I know a lot of people who are strong for the Second Amendment. And what Donald Trump did was he undercut a lot of decent-intending citizens who own guns to make it so that it plays into the stereotype that every one of them is a gun-crazy nut job just looking for a target, which is not the case. But set that aside at the moment because the spine of this story has to be is this or is this not acceptable conduct for a major party candidate for President of the United States? I think the obvious answer, not a matter of opinion, the obvious answer is absolutely not. That's not who we are as a people. This is not what we're about as a society, as a country. And we'll see how this all plays out. I've said to you before, I think Donald Trump can win the election. I think his chances are less now than they were maybe two weeks go before the Khan sorry business and the gun business. But it would be a mistake to think that the potential is not still there for him to get elected, to beat Hillary Clinton. A lot of unexpected things can happen along the way. But I have enough confidence in the American public. You know, the American people are civil, decent people. Yes, they sometimes feel strongly about their politics or their ideology. But this kind of uncivil, indecent, offensive and I agree with what one newspaper today said, with the gun statements. Donald Trump moved from being offensive to being reckless. And you can't abide this kind of recklessness in a presidential campaign. I don't care what you call yourself, progressive, conservative, Republican or Democrat.


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