CNN's Mark Preston: Trump's Hot Mic Is “The Straw That Is Going To Break The Camel's Back”

Preston: “I Cannot Imagine How Donald Trump Is Going To Come Back From It ... How Does Speaker Ryan Stand Next To Donald Trump?”

From the October 7 edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront:

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MARK PRESTON: Let's put this in context, right? Let's take a step back on two major issues.

One is if this stood alone on its own, this was the only controversial thing, the only crass comment that we've heard from Donald Trump, perhaps it's survivable. OK? He can say “it was 11 years ago, I made a mistake, I shouldn't have said it. It was locker room talk,” that's fine. But it isn't.

There is a number of straws that have been piled onto the back of the camel's back right now, and guess what? It has now broken. This is the straw that is going to break the camel's back and I cannot imagine how Donald Trump is going to come back from it.

In addition to that, very quickly, timing is everything. Speaker Ryan put out a tweet today talking about how every woman should have the right to protections under sexual assault. A law was passed today. Speaker Ryan was touting it just four hours ago. How does Speaker Ryan stand next to Donald Trump tomorrow in Wisconsin? I can't imagine that happening either.


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