CNN's Cuomo: Media Have A “Dynamic Of Kind Of Counseling [Trump] Through Interviews"

Chris Cuomo: Interviewers Ask “When You Say This, You Know, So You Mean Like You Would Just Kind Of Do It This Way?”

From the May 20 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Are you interested from a media standpoint of Trump and the media? Just this morning, he was on home base this morning. He was at Fox, he was on MSNBC, and the dynamic of kind of counseling him through interviews. Like, “when you say this, you know, so you mean like you would just kind of do it this way?” Are you marveling at how he uses the media? How it comes back?

ARI FLEISCHER: Donald Trump has changed all the rules. First of all, he's made people like me virtually irrelevant. Donald Trump handles it himself to profound effect. That The New York Times front page story about his relationship with women, Donald Trump came out front and center and fought it, defeated it, and made it go away, and it backfired on The New York Times

CUOMO: You believe that, right? Because there are two schools of thought on it, that the piece still hurt him -- the left is saying the piece still hurt him. You don't believe it?

FLEISCHER: Absolutely not. That piece was thin to begin with, and Donald Trump made it into cotton candy and made it go away. 


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