CNN Thinks Trump Is “Savvy” To Take Credit For Obama-Era Manufacturing Jobs Recovery

From the February 17 edition of CNN's Wolf:

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RANA FOROOHAR: Yeah, it is interesting I actually wrote about the Dreamliner in my book “Makers and Takers.” And this is an example of one of the most complex global supply chains certainly ever known in aviation. Over 100 different countries were involved in the supply chain. Different parts coming in and out of various countries. In fact, it's funny because the first iteration of this airplane couldn't even take off, it was so heavy because all of these countries and suppliers were working sort of siloed from each other. So it is ironic that this is being used as a made in America example here. But I want to say one other thing, which is Donald Trump is being very, very politically savvy about riding a trend of a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing that was already happening since 2010. There has been a bit of a shift, not replacing all the jobs that we saw lost for the last several decades. But there has been a significant shift of localization back to the U.S., and that is for a variety of reasons: political risk, the fact that consumers want products faster, made closer to them. There are a lot of trends driving this. But he is being very politically savvy about exploiting something that was already out there in the economy.


NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: We saw the thing with the jobs, the Intel jobs in Arizona. Those jobs were sort of in the pipeline for a while. They had made that announcement. And listen, he's lucky. He's lucky to come after Obama. In the sense that 4.7 percent unemployment rate and the trends that Rana is talking about. in terms of manufacturing.

BRIANA KEILAR (HOST): He is talking about, “we're going to get rid of job-crushing regulations that send jobs to other countries.” And yet, we know that most of these manufacturing jobs that have been lost in the U.S. have been lost because of automation.

HENDERSON: 87 percent.

DAVID CHALIAN: Which he doesn't talk about at all. It is an amazing thing because there is a piece of this where you feel like he has this golden opportunity as president now to really prepare the nation for the next generation of jobs. Automation is not going away, obviously. And he just does not address that when he deals with this jobs issue.


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