On CNN, Dan Rather Says That Trump's “Inflammatory Language” Should Be Considered Inciting Violence

Dan Rather: “I Covered The Civil Rights Movement [...] This Can Be Very Dangerous”

From the March 16 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight:

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DON LEMON (HOST): If anyone else had said that -- because I think I said something to the effect of one of the surrogates on Monday, like, there will be a revolt, or maybe -- not meaning literally. But if anyone else said that, do you think that it would considered, you know, inciting violence? 

DAN RATHER: I do and I think it should be with Donald Trump. I'm not picking on Trump but this is something unprecedented. Don, I covered the civil rights movement, a lot of the anti-war movement in the sixties, and I know firsthand what inflammatory language in a very tense situation can quickly erupt into violence, and we should all of us, every party, all Americans, be very careful about tempting that again. And that's what's going on here, and Nate Silver today, I give him credit, he blamed to some extent those of us in the press and the media. And I do not exclude myself. He said in fact that it was embarrassing, even cowardly, that we weren't calling out Trump out and pressing him harder on this business. This is -- this can be very dangerous. I would hope that Donald Trump would reassess himself.


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