Alex Castellanos: “Forget Never Trump. This Is About Never Hillary”

Conservative Commentator Castellanos Previously Fought Against A Trump Nomination 

From the May 4 edition of CNN's Wolf:

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JIM SCIUTTO (HOST): So, Alex, you tried to start an anti-Trump movement early in this race. Will you also unhappily vote for Donald Trump like Governor Jindal or you going to follow other Republicans who say they'll go against the party and might even vote for Hillary Clinton?

ALEX CASTELLANOS: I might even get happier and support Donald Trump. No, I think Governor Jindal was right on the money. Look there's a reason there is a Donald Trump. And that's because Americans are looking for an alternative to the way the country is going now. If you're a working person in America, you haven't had a raise really or a bigger paycheck in 30 years. The world seems to be catching on fire. There's no certainty in life anymore. And the alternative is what, Hillary Clinton, more of the same from Washington, an insider and establishment candidate? You know, when nothing is working, the most dangerous thing you can do is more of the same. And that's the choice I think is going to unite a lot of Republicans to say, look, forget never trump. This is about never Hillary.


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