You may have noticed some changes to mediamatters.org lately ...

You may have also noticed that we have upgraded from our former online comment system to Disqus, a networked comment platform with lots of new features and a much smoother interface.

You can learn more about Disqus here.



Getting Started With Disqus

To start commenting on the new mediamatters.org, you'll first need to create a commenter account for Disqus.

You can create your account by signing up with an email address or by simply connecting a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to Disqus. Guest accounts are also permitted.

If you have a comment history at mediamatters.org, we strongly recommend using the email address associated with your old Media Matters account. You will then receive a confirmation email from the system. You will need to verify your email address in order to claim your comment history. Instructions for claiming your comment history are below.

You can set up your Disqus account here ›››



Claiming Your Comment History

If you had a comment history at Media Matters, you can claim it in just two easy steps.

First, sign up for a Disqus account (instructions above) and be sure your email address is verified. If you never received a verification email, you can request one by selecting Edit Profile > Account in your Disqus account. Then click "verify email".

Second, once your email is verified, you can claim your comment history by selecting Edit Profile > Merging in your Disqus account. Select the check box next to your comment, then click "merge profiles".

If you previously commented at Media Matters using multiple accounts with multiple email addresses, you can now claim all those comments and merge them into your single Disqus account. Learn how to do that here.




If you're having trouble claiming your comments, you can visit the Disqus help page for merging comments here.

If you've already commented on the new Media Matters website using your Twitter, Facebook or other account and you don't want to lose track of all your comments, you can get a step-by-step walk through on how to merge all your comments here.



Forum Rules

Please see this updated page for our new forum rules.



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