Dick Morris offered psychological analysis of Bill Clinton

Following right-wing pundits' serial "diagnoses" of former Vice President Al Gore as mentally ill (in the wake of Gore's May 26 speech about the Bush administration's Iraq policy), on June 13, author Dick Morris purported to diagnose former President Bill Clinton as suffering from a “unique form of ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] ... when he doesn't get enough attention, he's disordered” and as “clinically a narcissist." Morris made these remarks on Internet gossip Matt Drudge's nationally syndicated weekly radio show.

From the June 13 broadcast of Matt Drudge:

MORRIS: Bill Clinton suffers from ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder], Matt. If -- when he doesn't get enough attention, he's disordered. [laughter]

DRUDGE: Well, that's what we saw last week at the funeral [for former President Ronald Reagan].

MORRIS: Unique form of ADD. That's right. And let -- let me explain why I think that's true. Bill Clinton, I think, is clinically a narcissist. That is, he's someone who does not have his own internally generated sense of himself. And he constantly needs the reflection of others to tell him who he is on an hourly and daily basis. He's like a headlight reflector that doesn't shine until it's shined upon, or a solar battery that can't function at night, only when the sun is shining on it. So he can only go a limited amount of time without public attention. It's like asking him to stay without oxygen for a long time.