Daily Caller Complains About Accurately-Worded Poll Question

The Daily Caller complains about a new poll showing public support for unions:

The New York Times and CBS News have released a general public poll on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's budget plan as it relates to public sector unions, and critics are saying the poll results don't necessarily support the conclusions drawn in the Gray Lady's Tuesday front-page story.

The Times story was titled, “Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector Unions.” But the paper and CBS used phrases such as “taking away” collective bargaining rights when conducting the poll.

At no point in the Daily Caller article is there any indication of what is (supposedly) wrong with “phrases such as 'taking away' collective bargaining rights.” Pro Tip: If you're going to suggest that the wording of a poll question is problematic, you should go ahead and explain why. In this case, it clearly isn't: Wisconsin public employees currently have collective bargaining rights that the state's governor is trying to take away.

Then there's this gem:

By framing the issue as a battle over collective bargaining rights, rather than balancing the budget, and including what “you've read and heard” about the issue opens the door for more bias, [Ira] Stoll said.

One problem with this complaint: The controversy in Wisconsin is a “battle over collective bargaining rights, rather than balancing the budget.”

Basically, the Daily Caller is worried that accurately descirbing the controversy will bias respondents in favor of unions.