CNN's S.E. Cupp Suggests President Obama Is Behind A Conspiracy To Ban Guns

Cupp: “Why Is It A Conspiracy That I Think He Wants To Ban Some Guns?”

From the January 7 edition of CNN's Guns In America:

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S.E. CUPP: But he did call for an assault weapons ban in 2013--


JAY CARNEY: Proposed and supported by a Republican president.

CUPP: Just wait. That legislation went to the floor. Diane Feinstein. It was not passed. But if he's capable of and interested in banning an entirecategory of -- not just of rifles, but also handguns that fell into that ban -- why is it a conspiracy that I think he wants to ban some guns?

CARNEY: I guess--

CUPP: I'm simply taking him at his word.


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