CNN military analyst: Trump's transgender military ban is a “broken” promise to troops who were told they could serve openly

Col. Steve Warren: “When we, the chain of command, make promises to our troops, we're expected to uphold those promises”

From the August 24 edition of CNN's Wolf:

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WOLF BLITZER (HOST): How does it impact the transgender Americans who are currently serving in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps? 

COL. STEVE WARREN: Well, that's what we have to see the details on. Right now we don't have those details. What we do know is that the Department of Defense, the U.S. Military made a promise to the transgender men and women who are serving. And that promise was you can live in the open now, we will take care of your medical expenses, and you can continue your service. So, to break faith with that promise I think would be unconscionable. 


BLITZER: What is the impact, the morale on troops when they hear that transgender Americans will no longer be allowed to serve in the U.S. military? Very patriotic, they want to contribute, they want to serve, but now because of the commander in chief, the president, they will not longer be able to serve.

WARREN: Wolf, breaking faith with the troops can potentially have a devastating impact. It really can. When we, the chain of command, make promises to our troops, we're expected to uphold those promises. If a promise is broken today, who knows what's going to come next.

BLITZER: You served in the Army when gay Americans were not allowed to serve. Now they are allowed to serve openly. Has there been any significant problem since the gay Americans were admitted openly into the U.S. military? 

WARREN: Wolf, there's been no significant problems. There have barely been any insignificant problems. This transition has been smooth. We found that gay Americans, both men and women, have served with honor, with valor, and with great professionalism. 

BLITZER: And I think the assumption was that transgender Americans were also serving with honor as well. 

WARREN: Well, we've seen that now. For a year, transgender Americans have been allowed to express themselves. They've been allowed to be open. And we found that some of them are holders of valor medals. All of them are performing their duties in accordance with the regulations, and they are across the board performing as expected. 


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