On CNN, Mark Cuban Schools Trump Surrogate Rudy Giuliani On Clinton Emails

Cuban: “Can I Respond … Everything He Just Said Is Incorrect”

From the October 19 edition of CNN’s Debate Night in America:

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ERIN BURNETT (HOST): So most recent poll, Washington Post/ABC, 62 percent of Americans say Trump does not have the fitness to president. 59 percent of Americans say Hillary Clinton does have the temperament to be president. Why are 62 percent of the American people wrong? 

RUDY GIULIANI: Well I can’t analyze polls, you do all kinds of polling. What he’s going to have to do is demonstrate that he is fit to be president in that because of the FBI finding her extremely careless in the use of national security information. Not only isn’t she fit to be president, I couldn't hire her as an assistant US attorney. She would have been disqualified to be assistant US attorney. If that was on the background report of someone I decided to hire as assistant US attorney, I couldn't hire them because they have been extremely careless in the handling of sensitive government documents. That would be an automatic disqualifier. And you look at all of these emails and you look at the way the Clinton Foundation was run. The pay for play operation at the State Department. I mean, we're looking at somebody who if it wasn't for someone like Hillary Clinton, like the general for example, who's getting prosecuted for two pieces of information that he confirmed, he didn’t put out. If she was anybody else she'd be under indictment right now. 

MARK CUBAN: Can I respond? And I say this with all due respect Mayor Rudy Giuliani you are an American hero and I respect everything you have done but everything he just said is incorrect about Hillary Clinton, 100 percent absolutely incorrect. The way she handled classified documents when she was secretary of state was in hard copy. The only emails that she dealt with were emails that came her way but that were up classified and as we know they were subject to a lot of discussion about what truly is classified. The government has made an effort to have less classified documents, so big argument could be made about what's classified. And the same thing applies to the foundation. They actually do good work. 


GIULIANI: I remember my briefing by the CIA. How come she doesn't remember? She doesn't remember her exit interview by the CIA. 39 times during that interview she couldn't remember. Now she either has a seriously flawed memory or she's lying. 

CUBAN: You are like pulling things this is like out of the X-Files Mayor Giuliani. 


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