CNN anchor: “Is Jerry Nadler jumping the gun by demanding” the release of the Mueller report summaries and related communications?

Alisyn Camerota: “Jerry Nadler doesn't seem to be exercising a lot of patience”

From the April 5 edition of CNN's New Day:

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ALISYN CAMEROTA (CO-ANCHOR): John, is Jerry Nadler jumping the gun by demanding all of these things -- Bill Barr has already said I'm going to be giving you the report, I'm working on it right now. And Jerry Nadler doesn't seem to be exercising a lot of patience. 

JOHN AVLON (CNN SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST): No. And I think his initial April 2 deadline was presumptuous, it was pushing the attorney general. But the new information we've gotten this week that CNN has confirmed with our own reporting is that the Mueller report investigators are getting itchy, saying they provided these summaries to the Justice Department with the assumption that those would be released. And instead Barr of course did his own -- not even summary, top line assessment. And the question is, how much was he putting the best positive spin on it for the president? It may not change the underlying outcomes, but it's perfectly reasonable to say now we know these summaries exist, they were written to be released, release them. 

CAMEROTA: CNN has a source that describes the summaries as not really ready for primetime, that they were part of a confidential report, they were not ready to just be released, you know, wide-open -- open kimono to the public. They still have to go through those for confidential. 

AVLON: Look, it is absolutely appropriate for the attorney general to take out classified information, anything that could compromise ongoing investigations. And I think there needs to be a degree of deference to that process. But once this is all comes in, then it really does need to go as wide as possible. And if it's too heavily redacted, if it appears that there was spin on the ball with the initial assessment, that's a real problem politically and practically for the attorney general. 


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