Fox's Brian Kilmeade: America was accused “of trying to take Iraq when we were just trying to liberate Iraq and leave”

Kilmeade: “America rebuilds and leaves”

From the June 6 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): One thing that I would say, I think many of their families wanted them to be buried here. Some of them couldn't afford to bring them home. In different cases, there's all different experiences that exist. But one of the things that I think is worth pointing out is Colin Powell was talking about America's role in the world. And someone was speaking to him about that Americans were fighting in places they shouldn't be, something along those lines. And he said, the only ground that we ever asked for in a permanent way was a place to bury our dead. And I'm paraphrasing but it's a very moving and very true statement. And that is what you're looking at behind me. This is the only thing that we kept after World War II.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): And I saw that conversation that you had with Bill Bennett who put it in perspective. He said one of the finest things that Colin Powell ever said, because this French official was accusing us of trying to take Iraq when we were just trying to liberate Iraq and leave. And that's the big difference, is America rebuilds and leaves. And the Russians and the Soviet Union didn't. They spread the Iron Curtain. We left the free will of the people to form a government in which they want. And we formed an alliance called NATO. And while the president's been ridiculed by not maybe lauding NATO on a daily basis, what he's done is fortified it, built it up, gave it an additional purpose, and he's also been pointed out that he brought an extra $100 million into the coffers, and even Theresa May brought that up. So we were left with the strongest lasting, most effective alliance in history to stop anything like this from ever happening again.


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