Breitbart, Fox Nation defend Bachmann and blame CNN for something Fox News did

When Fox Nation and Andrew Breitbart team up for an attack, you can start counting down the seconds until the story begins to unravel. In this edition of bumbling from the conservative media, Breitbart's has posted video of Rep. Michele Bachmann's Tea Party Express response to the State of the Union along with the claim that the off-kilter look of the video was “sabotage” by CNN. Breitbart claimed that CNN provided its own camera to the side of Bachmann, which it used for the network feed of the proceedings. For comparison, Breitbart embeded the Tea Party Express feed, which is a head-on view of Bachmann.

Fox Nation, continuing its tradition of journalistic failure, amplified Breitbart's posting:

The problem? The feed that went out of Bachmann looking off-kilter was from Fox News, not CNN. As Mediaite noted, CNN political director Sam Feist tweeted that Bachmann was looking into the Tea Party Express camera rather than the network pool camera, and that “Fox News was pool.”

Now, there's certainly a serious question to be asked as to why CNN is acting as the de facto media outlet of the Tea Party Express organization, but in their haste to attack CNN, we've run into yet another twisted tale from the conservative press.

Maybe the people running Fox Nation should have run this by their coworkers first.