Fox Report Hides The Overwhelming Support For Stronger Gun Safety Laws

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Fox News political correspondent Carl Cameron obscured results from a Gallup poll which found that most Americans dissatisfied with gun safety laws want them to be stronger.

On the April 25 edition of Special Report, Cameron reported on the NRA's annual leadership forum taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana. During the segment Cameron hyped the NRA's "defeat of gun control and background check legislation last year," and its efforts in getting concealed carry laws passed in all 50 states. Cameron ended his praise of the NRA by highlighting a Gallup poll, claiming the results found an increased dissatisfaction with gun laws because they are too strict.

CAMERON: Fifty-five percent of the country is unhappy with U.S. gun laws. And that's up 4 percent from last year, and it's because there's been a 10percent increase in people who think the laws are too strict.

What Cameron failed to mention was that the Gallup poll actually found that most Americans dissatisfied with gun laws in the U.S. want stronger gun laws. Gallup reported that those "who are dissatisfied have historically leaned heavily in the direction of wanting stricter rather than less strict laws.":

An April 2013 Gallup Poll found that 65 percent Americans wanted the U.S. Senate to pass a gun safety law which would have expanded background checks for gun purchases. Prior to the measure failing in the Senate, Gallup reported that support for expanded background checks was as high as 90 percent:

Prior to the Senate's failure to pass the measure, numerous polls showed that roughly nine in 10 Americans favor expanded gun background checks in concept -- a fact that a number of journalists, columnists, and politicians made note of. Gallup's Jan. 19-20 survey, for example, showed that 91% of Americans said they personally would vote for a measure requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales.

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