Right-Wing Media Bemoan The Deficit While Attacking Deficit-Reducing Immigration Bill


As members of the conservative media continue to complain about the deficit, these same media figures are attacking the immigration reform bill that is expected to reduce the federal deficit.

Rush Limbaugh, Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham, and Fox News host Sean Hannity have continually attacked President Obama for supposedly failing to reduce the deficit. Limbaugh went so far as to ask someone to show him any time Obama has "formulated policy or made statements that would successfully reduce" the deficit. Yet these same figures have attacked the immigration reform bill, which the Congressional Budget Office has estimated could lead to savings of about $175 billion over the 2014-2023 period and could decrease federal budget deficits by about $700 billion by 2033. Conservative media hosts also failed to mention the other economic benefits associated with the bill, including long-term increases in gross domestic product and wages.


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