Right Wing Doctors Timeline To Accuse Senate Of Rushing Immigration Reform


Right-wing media are dishonestly arguing that senators have not had enough time to read the approximately 1,200-page immigration reform bill the weekend before a scheduled vote on it. In fact, the majority of the bill has been online since May, a fact even Karl Rove acknowledged on Fox News to push back against conservative criticism.

The bulk of the bill's 1,200 pages are available online and have been since May 21. On June 21, the Senate added enforcement provisions submitted by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) to the main text of the bill, which total 119 pages.

Those opposed to the legislation, such as The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol jumped on the Corker-Hoeven addition to make the misleading claim that the Senate only had the weekend to review the entire bill before voting on it. As highlighted by Breitbart.com, the Washington Post's Bob Woodward also implied that the Senate was rushing to pass immigration reform, saying on the June 23 edition of Fox News Sunday: "It's proven time and time again, when you pass complicated legislation and no one has really read the bill, the outcome is absurd." Other conservative outlets, like Red State, picked up the misleading narrative, with The Drudge Report showing a picture of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) drinking from a water bottle with the headline, "Senate to vote on bill before reading it":

Corker explained that the extra pages shouldn't be a factor in whether senators had ample time to read the full bill:

"I've seen reports of a '1,200 page bill' no one has read or had time to read," Corker said in a statement, presumably in response to Sessions. "To be clear, the tough border and interior enforcement provisions that Sen. Hoeven and I offered on Friday make up 119 pages added to the 1,100 pages that have been public since May."

Fox News contributor Karl Rove also pushed back on this claim. On the June 24 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom, Rove reiterated Corker's comments, saying the Corker-Hoeven amendment "has been laid out since Friday. It's relatively easy to read. It's part of the larger bill that's been laid out since May so there's plenty of time for people to read it":

On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace also made those points in pushing back against Kristol's mischaracterization, saying: "In fairness, the vast majority of the bill is simply the Gang of 8's bill. And all they've done is add to it the Corker amendment, which is still 200 pages. But it's not like it's a whole new bill."

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