Fox Ignores Supreme Court Press Conference On Prop 8, While MSNBC, CNN Cover It Live

Fox News Aired "Daring Police Rescue" Instead Of Historic Civil Rights Battle Before Supreme Court

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Fox News chose not to air live coverage of press events immediately following the Supreme Court's consideration of a historic marriage equality case, while MSNBC and CNN both covered the event live.

The Supreme Court was hearing arguments for and against California's Proposition 8, a ban on same-sex marriage. The landmark caseHollingsworth vs. Perry, examines whether Prop 8 "unconstitutionally discriminates against gays and lesbians." After oral arguments wrapped up, a press conference took place on the steps of the Supreme Court during which attorneys and plaintiffs in the case spoke to the media.

Here's what Fox News aired instead of the live press conference (11:45 AM): 

During the same minutes, MSNBC and CNN aired the following:

CNN (11:45 AM)

MSNBC (11:42 AM)

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