Right-Wing Media Misfire With Bloomberg Ambush Interview

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Right-wing media are attacking New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an advocate of stronger gun laws, for traveling with armed security. These attacks are illogical given that Bloomberg supports the right of citizens to own guns.

The attacks are based on a video of senior Talk Radio Network investigative reporter Jason Mattera asking Bloomberg  during a Washington, D.C. ambush interview, "in the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?" 

The video, made in conjunction with Mattera's radio show with Fox News host Andrea Tantaros, has been picked up by Breitbart.com and the Drudge Report:


But contrary to the premise of the Mattera's question, Bloomberg does not oppose the rights of citizens to own firearms. In a joint letter with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino explaining the goals of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition, he wrote:

We support the Second Amendment and the rights of citizens to own guns. We recognize that the vast majority of gun dealers and gun owners carefully follow the law. And we know that a policy that is appropriate for a small town in one region of the country is not necessarily appropriate for a big city in another region of the country.

Bloomberg reportedly follows the practice of previous New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani in being under the 24-hour protection of five to six plainclothes New York police officers.

Mattera became the "youngest editor of any major national publication" when Human Events gave him that title in March 2010. He did not last long. In November 2011 he was replaced following what the publisher termed a search of "many months" for a new editor, with Mattera being named editor at large. The announcement came shortly after a Politico profile detailed how "even some of Mattera's friends and admirers concede he's walking a fine line and maybe crossing it on occasion" and reported that the publication was seeking a different role for him.

Mattera was reportedly terminated from Human Events in early April 2012, weeks after he was publicly humiliated when he published an ambush interview which he claimed was with Bono, but was actually with a Bono impersonator. 

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