Fox News Chyron Falsely Declares "Same-Sex Marriage... Fails In Minnesota"

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Fox News inaccurately stated that same-sex marriage had "failed" in Minnesota this morning. In reality, Minnesota defeated an anti-gay amendment to its state's constitution.

During the November 7 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ, the network ran a segment noting the success of marriage equality efforts in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.  Fox's chyron for the segment read "SAME-SEX MARRIAGE PASSES IN WASHINGTON, MAINE AND MARYLAND, FAILS IN MINNESOTA."

SSM Chyron

In fact, Minnesota voters rejected a proposed state constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage remains illegal under Minnesota law, but the defeat of the state's anti-gay amendment is a victory for proponents of marriage equality, not a failure.

Fox News management claims to have a "zero tolerance for on-screen errors" policy.

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