Tomorrow on SiriusXM's Media Matters Radio

Tomorrow on SiriusXM's Media Matters Radio

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Tomorrow, June 30th, 2012, on a new episode of Media Matters Radio, host Ari Rabin-Havt and special guest host Jess Levin bring you the major stories of the week in conservative media. You can listen on SiriusXM Left channel 127 every Saturday morning 10 am to 1 pm ET, 7 am to 10 am PT. It is rebroadcast in full Sundays 4-7 pm ET, 1-4 pm ET. You can follow the show on Twitter @MMFARadio.

Tomorrow's guests include:

Ian Millhiser -- Senior Constitutional Policy Analyst for the Center for American Progress talks about the Supreme Court decision and the Affordable Care Act.

Frank Sharry -- Founder and Executive Director of America's Voice discusses immigration and the Supreme Court decision regarding the controversial Arizona law.

Matt Stoller -- Roosevelt Institute Fellow tells us about his role in Russell Brand's new FX show Brand X.

David Lyle -- Media Matters' Director and Senior Counsel for Courts Matter discusses the breakdown of the vote on the Affordable Care Act, what Roberts' vote meant and how Scalia has become the most politicized justice on the bench.

Christian Dorsey -- Director of External and Government Affairs at the Economic Policy Institute discusses health care, the court's decision and the economic ramifications of the verdict.

Matt Gertz -- Media Matters' Deputy Research Director talks Fast and Furious and the contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder

And as always Media Matters' National Press Secretary Jess Levin presents "The Week in Media," and Media Matters' Senior Vice President Katie Paris delivers the latest in progressive messaging in the "Message Matters" segment.

(guests subject to change)

Former Head of the Mossad Efraim Halevy joined the show last week to discuss if Iran really is an existential threat to Israel and how best to engage with Iran.

Also joining us last week was Nation contributor Moustafa Bayoumi to talk about the media's effect on the public's perception of Muslims.

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