MRC's Graham Attacks African-American Christians, ABC's Robin Roberts


Media Research Center director of media analysis Tim Graham wrote on his Twitter feed today: "If black Christian voters still vote for Obama now, they're not really Christians. Just like Robin Roberts for being such a lamb on ABC":

Graham was apparently referring to President Obama's interview with ABC News correspondent Robin Roberts, during which he announced his support for marriage equality, saying, "I think same sex couples should be able to get married."

As Graham's tweet shows, conservatives have been speculating about how African-American voters would take the news. Here's how Limbaugh highlighted the issue recently: "African-Americans on the Democrats' side, I hate to tell you what this came down to is the color of your skin versus the color of their money. Where Obama's concerned, guess what he chose."

This morning on Fox News, contributor Deneen Borelli took up the theme, repeatedly claiming that Obama has "thrown the black community really under the bus in order to get money from the gay community and to get their votes":

Recent polling, however, shows that black voters have not changed their views of Obama as a result of his statement on same-sex marriage.

Here's what the Pew Research Center reported yesterday:

Most African Americans, on the other hand, say the announcement did not alter their opinion of Obama. About two-thirds (68%) say this, while about as many say it made them view Obama more favorably (16%) as less favorably (13%).

Obama's expression of support for gay marriage comes at a time when the public's support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry is growing. According to a recent Pew Research survey, 47% now say they favor allowing gay marriage while 43% oppose this. In 2008, 51% opposed allowing gay marriage, while 39% favored it.

And in an April poll, Pew found that opposition to gay marriage among black Americans, and all demographics as a whole, is declining rapidly:

The right-wing media have been casting about for ways to attack Obama for his support of marriage equality, with Fox News saying that Obama declared a "war on marriage" and was "demonizing those who disagree" with him. Rush Limbaugh added that Obama is "waging a war on traditional America." Others went with the "Gay for Pay" angle, arguing that Obama essentially caved to donors who were "threatening to withhold donations over the president's position on gay rights," as the Free Beacon put it.

It's telling that right-wing media are now resorting to questioning the religious faith of an entire group of Americans simply because these Americans are sticking with the president though they may disagree with him on an issue.

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