Coulter Reanimates Zombie Lie About Passage Of Health Care Law

Coulter Reanimates Zombie Lie About Passage Of Health Care Law

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It's been more than two years since the Affordable Care Act became law, and Ann Coulter is still misinforming Fox News viewers about how it passed through Congress.

As the Supreme Court has considered the suits brought against the law, Fox News has been throwing falsehood after falsehood at the legislation. Some of them even made their way into a justice's questioning during oral arguments.

On Fox & Friends Saturday, Coulter repeated yet another falsehood about the law:

COULTER: Overwhelmingly since Obamacare passed, before it passed, a majority of Americans have opposed Obamacare. And that's why the Democrats had to sneak it through on a party-line vote, and remember that sleazy little maneuver, "deem as passed"? They didn't even -- the two houses didn't even vote on the same bill.

Fox News has made this false claim before. It was widely reported on March 20, 2010, several days before the House passed the Senate's version of the bill, that the Democrats "dropped a controversial plan that would have 'deemed' Senate-approved health care legislation passed as part of a resolution setting rules of debate but would not have required House members to vote directly on the legislation." Even Fox News itself reported that the Democrats "decided against" using that legislative tactic.

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