Today's Fake Controversy: Obama Was Late To Wreath-Laying Ceremony

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In the right-wing media, you can make a career out of bogus attacks on Democrats and liberals. Today's attempt at drumming up a controversy: Obama was late to a Veterans Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

The insinuation is, if the president was late to a military ceremony, if soldiers and their families and those in attendance who came to celebrate and remember our veterans were made to wait outside for a long time in the November chill, that would be disrespectful.

This story started on Drudge:

And it got picked up by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

So is it true? According to the White House website, the president and first lady were scheduled to participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at 11 a.m.

From the White House press corps' pool report:

Motorcade arrives Arlington cemetery at 10:55 after uneventful ride that passes near Vietnam Veterans memorial and school groups delighted to spot the procession.

Service members line the roads in Arlington, Cannon fire can be heard in the distance.

Here's a shot from MSNBC of Obama entering the amphitheater at 11:03 a.m. ET:

So the pool report said that Obama arrived five minutes early. The television coverage showed him entering at 11:03.

Let's move on.

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