CNBC Debate Ad Asks "How" GOP Candidates Will End "War On Wealth"

CNBC Debate Ad Asks "How" GOP Candidates Will End "War On Wealth"

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In a promo for the upcoming "Your Money, Your Vote" Republican debate on CNBC that aired on today's edition of Squawk On The Street, a voiceover asks, "How will candidates end the war on wealth?" During the voiceover the ad shows images of the Occupy Wall Street protests:

By framing the debate this way and adopting conservative rhetoric on income inequality, CNBC seems to be running counter to president and CEO Mark Hoffman's promise that "CNBC will deliver a substantive and stimulating dialogue that challenges the candidates and provides the answers voters deserve."

Previously, CNBC's Rick Santelli claimed that traders on Chicago's Mercantile Exchange were "the silent majority," while CNBC host Jim Cramer claimed that President Obama was "taking cues from Lenin."

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