Courage Campaign Calls On MSNBC To Fire Buchanan


The Courage Campaign released the following statement today:

Courage Campaign Calls on MSNBC to Fire Commentator Pat Buchanan

Buchanan Has Been Promoting his Latest Book on White Supremacist Radio Stations and Repeatedly Making Homophobic Remarks

"Sane, clear-thinking people everywhere are asking why does MSNBC continue to give political commentator Pat Buchanan a stage for him to spout his hatred," said Rick Jacobs, chair and founder of the 700,000 member Courage Campaign. "And ironically, MSNBC's motto is 'lean forward,' but if they don't do something about Buchanan soon, they might as well change their motto to 'look backwards.' This is why we are joining with our friends at Media Matters and the Human Rights Campaign in calling on this typically well-regarded television station to sanction, or better yet, fire Buchanan."

TAKE ACTION: Tell MSNBC It's Time To Sanction Pat Buchanan

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