Does CNN's Dana Loesch Not Trust CNN?

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CNN contributor and Andrew Breitbart editor in chief Dana Loesch has taken the editorial position that it is "laughable" for CNN to claim it is "the most trusted name in news."

In a post on Big Journalism, John Nolte takes issue with CNN for using the Pulitzer Prize winning website PolitFact to fact-check political statements:

CNN is even worse than PolitiFact, because they're the ones using them. Obviously, CNN doesn't want to damage their laughable reputation as the "most trusted name in news," but they do want to help Barack Obama get reelected. Therefore, they hire outside mercenaries like PolitiFact to come on the air disguised as objective do-gooders.

Note the awkward banner atop Nolte's post blasting CNN:


Loesch joined "the most trusted name in news" in February.

(h/t St. Louis Activist Hub)

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