Fox Nation Promotes Post Attacking "Day Of Service" On 9-11 -- Because Victims "Had Jobs"


Fox Nation is featuring an excerpt of a Human Events post that attacks President Obama's idea of September 11 being a "national day of service." The post states, "The Americans who died on September 11, 2001, were not engaged in 'volunteering and service.' They had jobs."

From a September 9 Fox Nation post, which excerpts the first three paragraphs of the Human Events post:

The excerpt reads:

Back in 2009, President Barack Obama tried to appropriate 9/11 as a "national day of service." The effort plods along to this day, resulting in this year's detailed list of official White House instructions for how 9/11 should be observed. Among them are orders to "minimize references to al-Qaeda," on the grounds they have become "increasingly irrelevant" ever since their leader, Osama bin Laden, died from an acute case of Navy SEAL.

"I call upon all Americans to join in service and honor the lives we lost, the heroes who responded in our hour of need, and the brave men and women in uniform who continue to protect our country at home and abroad," read the President's proclamation. "Working together, we can usher in a new era in which volunteering and more service is a way of life for all Americans. Deriving strength from tragedy, we can write the next great chapter in our Nation's history and ensure that future generations continue to enjoy the promise of America."

The Americans who died on September 11, 2001, were not engaged in "volunteering and service." They had jobs. His attempt to turn 9/11 into another day to worship the government is not just an innocent mistake. It completely subverts the meaning of that terrible day.

The Human Events post, which is headlined "9/11 Belongs To Us: Turning it into a day of 'community service' subverts its meaning," later states:

This weekend, we will solemnly observe the tenth anniversary of a day that belongs to all of America, not just politicians and community activists. The reasons for the attack, and the power of our response, have nothing to do with the weak and inadequate philosophy behind President Obama's attempt to transform the day into a celebration of socialism.

Many others in the right-wing media have recently employed the same attack, which they also did in 2009.

This looks especially empty in light of the fact that a majority of Republican senators voted to establish a "September 11th National Day Of Service And Remembrance" and the fact that President Bush routinely called on Americans to volunteer on 9/11.

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