CNBC Show Reportedly Used As PR Vehicle For Malaysian Government

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CNBC has reportedly withdrawn the program World Business from its weekend schedule over allegations that the show was used as a public relations vehicle for members of the Malaysian government without disclosure. A blog reported that the production company behind World Business (FBC Media) had a contract with a Malaysian politician to improve his image using reports on World Business.

"In light of serious questions raised last week, CNBC immediately initiated [sic] an examination of FBC and its business practices and has withdrawn the program 'World Business' indefinitely," Brian Steel, senior vice president of media relations at CNBC, told POLITICO.

According to Politico, World Business did not air in the United States this past weekend, but did air on CNBC Europe and CNBC Asia.

CNBC's website describes World Business:

On "World Business," Managing Editor John Defterios and our team of international correspondents cover every corner of the globe, tracking the business trends that are going to affect you.

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