Wash. Times Continues To Push Thoroughly Debunked Falsehood About "Climategate Scandal"


In a July 25 editorial, the Washington Times continued to push falsehoods about climate change, such as claiming that "the Climategate scandal showed that scientists manipulate data to bolster their stories of impending doom." However, numerous inquiries have found no evidence that scientists manipulated any climate change data. From the Times:

During the past several years, the Climategate scandal showed that scientists manipulate data to bolster their stories of impending doom. That, combined with the absence of actual temperature elevations, has soured the public's acceptance of Mr. Gore's central article of faith that human activity is heating the planet.


While viewers in the Northern Hemisphere are likely still to be fanning themselves when the show airs in September, those tuning in from south of the equator might still be suffering from late-winter shivers. The inconvenient truth is that global temperatures have not warmed in nearly 15 years.

The latest warmist excuse is that China's coal-burning power plants are throwing huge clouds of sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere that reflect solar radiation and counter the heating effects of man-made greenhouse gases. Yet climatologist Patrick J. Michaels points out that there is very little mixing of air flow between the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Readings in the north have risen slightly since 1998, while those in the south have fallen, with no net change. In other words, there has been no global warming.


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