The Five Continues To Flounder As Bolling Levels Factually Flawed Attack On Sen. Reid


Three days into The Five, Fox News' replacement for Glenn Beck, and the hosts have already unleashed a litany of sexist stereotypes and dismissed a children's health epidemic. For their third act, host Eric Bolling demonstrated that the hosts might not be expected to check their facts.

During a debate on the wisdom of legalizing online gambling, Bolling baselessly blamed Senate Majority Leader Reid for stonewalling efforts to make online gambling legal out of fealty to Nevada casinos:

In his rush to reflexively bash a Democrat, Bolling overlooked the fact that in 2010 Reid himself sponsored legislation that would have legalized online poker:

The online poker bill I am working on is good for the country and for Nevada. Under the status quo, Internet poker is played by millions of Americans every day in an essentially unregulated environment, meaning no protections for minors, no respect for State law, no assurance that games are fair and honest, and no one to turn to if you're defrauded. Additionally, neither federal nor State governments collect a dime of revenue from this multibillion dollar Internet poker industry.

The Poker Player's Alliance praised Reid for his public support of online poker:

It is a good thing that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stepped up and took the position that Internet poker is something that should be recognized by this country and properly licensed and regulated. He and his staff worked with a variety of stakeholders to craft a bill that would create a U.S. regulated Internet poker marketplace, establish sensible consumer protections, guarantee states' rights, and generate revenue and economic growth. We are pleased that the leader of the United States Senate is someone we can call an ally for realistic Internet poker policy.

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